After 40 days |Update On Maize Plantation Project |2020

To families living with children who are intellectually challenged, we as Green Acres Centre Uganda we know and feel the challenges you are going through during this global rock down of business due to the epidemic of Covid 19. Please let us do all what we can to make sure that we stop the spread of the virus. Let us keep our people with intellectual challenges as safe as possible.

Let me take this chance to share with you what is happening currently at the Centre. As Uganda is currently having a wet season so it’s planting time.  Allow me introduce to you our demonstration gardens like the Maize Garden which was 2 weeks old in the months of April 2020. We plant this maize for the purpose of keeping a balanced diet for our special needs children.

Its was 2 weeks, we planted this on 1 acre and we expected to harvest by July 2020. And this happened as expected

Amazing After 40 days, the maize had grown to this level.

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