To become a nation’s leading primary school in early training of learners for sure adult life success.


To provide all- round holistic education and life skills training to learners with and without academic challenges in an acceptable inclusive setup.

            CORE VALUES
1. Neatness
2. Respect for one another
3. Practical learning
4. Active religion
5. Reading culture
6. Perfecting creativity



To be rather than to seem



School library

The stake holders of Green Acres Primary School-Buyanja will endeavor to find   a donor who can help the school obtain a very good library where children will be going to borrow books for their free-activity reading. This library will be situated within or near the eucalyptus forest so as to make the readers access it easily as it will be very near the conducive reading shades.

Reading competitions

Different classes shall carry on reading competition where marks or stars are awarded. This will create competitive atmosphere for children to out compete themselves and eventually a reading culture will take shape.

At the end of each school term marks of reading performance must be properly indicated on the report card. The subject of reading must appear on the report card as number one subject to appear and others will follow being WRITING as number two.

Suppliers of at least copies of two daily news papers (Major) should be identified and children must read out of these news papers.

Consistent practice:

The school administration is to make a program that children should allocate time for free reading; this practice will be done outside classes. This  is the time children and staff will be able to use our compound to maximum. The school directorate has plan of making reading stations in form of chair benches and tables in our eucalyptus forest to make it easy and attractive for our children to practice reading on their own.

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