After serving as national director of Special Olympics Uganda for a period of 18 years, I realized a missing link in preparing a child with a developmental disability for real life. A person with intellectual disability like any other can work and earn a living so long as he/she has been trained and guided properly. In Special Olympics, athletes are trained in all aspects of achieving success in the sports arena and many Ugandan Special Olympics athletes do fetch a lot of gold, silver and bronze medals from the world games of different seasons. That indicated to me, that if those athletes could depict such a great success, they can do wonders in the world of reality. They can play success, indeed they can, in areas of creating wealth.

            Exceptional Family Network (EXFAN) established Special Olympics Uganda and helped it  to grow for many years. Now the same parents’ organization has put in place. The Green Acres Centre, a place where Disadvantages are turned into Advantages. This is the place where a child with special needs is trained together with ordinary children to become useful to themselves, their parents/families and their communities at large. The centre can handle a child of 5 years of age to any age for the purpose of making that special human being useful.

            We feel proud to see children go through kindergarten, primary to secondary level of schooling, watching and searching for their God given talents and mold them through job training and placement. Our desire is to emulate a wonderful organization found in the USA named Lambs Farm in Illinoi State. However Green Acres Centre has many differences because of the inclusiveness it has.

            We are still a young organization existing in a developing country but we have a great potential to grow. We strongly desire cooperation of other people and organizations especially those originating from developed countries. Our centre is seated on an acreage of about 30 acres of land most of which is still virgin. Whoever admires our passion and would like to offer a helping hand can call directly;
 +256(0) 772 408845 

Directly through Watsapp on the same Number

May the great God Bless Our Venture!

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