Dear parents, guardians, partners, friends, visitors, well wishers, sponsors and to all of you people of God. By mere opening Green Acres Center shows that we have something in common with you. We both believe in providing holistic education to children with and without intellectual disabilities  in an inclusive set up possible.

Sincere appreciations go to the management of Green Acres Center and mainly to the director (Mr. Edward Babumba) and the team of editors for working tirelessly towards launching this website. Thank you very much.

It’s my pleasure to see you navigate through the pages of our website, I therefore recommend that you take your time and visit all corners for maximum benefit. I believe the information provided will quench the thirst for what you desired. We believe that together we can change lives of many families and individuals living with children who have developmental disabilities.

I therefore wish you a visionary stay at Green Acres Center, thank you.

Jean Marie Mugambe                                                           

Green Acres Center Coordinator

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