About Teachers of Green Acres Primary School, Buyanja

Teachers must be readers

At green Acres Primary School-Buyanja each teacher must register with the head teacher or DOS the name of the book she/he  has scheduled for his/her reading that time for his/her free activity for the purpose of improving her/his reading fluency and speed.

Every teacher must have a personal dictionary, preferably Oxford Advances Learners dictionary at any one place at school. This will be major requirement if this move is to succeed.

This reading program must be well communicated to the teaching staff members of Green Acres Primary School – Buyanja.

Head of Reading department should be in place . this person must be  a head of  others as regards reading. This teacher will be the school’s coordinator of the association/club known as DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) and will make sure that our school does extremely well as compound to other schools. This person shall also be a researcher on modern ways of teaching reading from any corner most especially the internet.



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